Outdoor Kitchen Construction

Outdoor kitchens have their roots in the warmer climates like Arizona and Southern California. However, in recent times, this trend has gained popularity here in Connecticut and there is nothing stopping you from installing your own outdoor kitchen in your Fairfield home.

An outdoor kitchen will keep your backyard a class apart from that of your neighbors not to mention you will enjoy the luxury of serving up grilled foods in the comfort of your kitchen island without having to run back and forth.

Adding an outdoor kitchen to your home automatically adds value to your home. It, therefore, makes sense that you should hire qualified professionals to take on such a resource-intensive project.

Fairfield Masonry has been in this business for years, and our work speaks for itself. After many successfully completed projects and plenty of reviews, we are confident we can work on any outdoor kitchen design you might have in mind.

Get in touch with us today to schedule a meeting. We will go over with you our design and building process and offer you a free estimate.

Even though we will walk you through our process, here is an overview of some of the things we consider when building an outdoor kitchen.

Kitchen Island

When designing your outdoor kitchen, we place an emphasis on socializing. The grill master or the cook should be able to freely interact with others. No matter what shape you want your kitchen island to be; whether an L or straight shape.

Storage Space

We believe that an outdoor kitchen should be self-sufficient and you don’t need to run back and forth for either platters or tongs. You should have access to storage cabinets under the counters in order to hold all your serving plates and other utensils.

Counter Space

Some people make the mistake of breaking up their counter with too many features such as cooktops. Even though there might be a need to have more than one essential feature proper positioning is key. After all you will need sufficient space to serve your guests, create a buffet line or prepare food.

Cold Storage

A refrigerator is essential to every outdoor kitchen and helps to serve beverages and chilled foods. In fact, you can have more than one refrigerator to cool different ingredients separately. You can also use the refrigerator to add an ice bin to hold frosty drinks at the ready for poolside parties.


The perfect outdoor kitchen is versatile and can either be used during the daytime or in the evening. Task lighting in any outdoor kitchen is essential, making it possible to use your outdoor kitchen any time of the day.

If you would like to have more features integrated into the design of your outdoor kitchen, don’t hesitate to get in touch.